8 Steps To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

8 Steps To Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

The best defense against the prospect of having to deal with bed bugs is a solid offensive. Most frequently, bed bugs are brought home with us when we stay in areas where they already exist, including hotels, dorm rooms, or even a friend’s house.


Bed bugs can potentially move into your house, but there are ways to prevent this from happening. We’ve compiled the eight best practices for avoiding a full-blown infestation.


  1. Don’t Store Things Under The Bed: Avoid keeping things in the space under your bed on a regular basis. If you do this, bed bugs will have the perfect place to hide while still being close to your mattress. Additionally, there’s a considerable chance you’ll store something that’s infected with them unwittingly.
  2. Containers made of plastic: Glass and plastic are tough for bed bugs to climb through or around. The use of glass containers or plastic storage bags when storing anything that can attract any kind of bug, including bed bugs, will go a long way toward preventing any capacity to spread.
  3. Keep Clutter to a Minimum: Keep everything, including clothing, off the floor and as high as you can. If a bed bug manages to attach itself to a piece of your clothing, you face the chance of it moving into your drawer or closet.
  4. Sophisticated Encasements: For your bed, invest in a dust-mite-proof mattress or box spring cover. Making a protective barrier between you and any potential bed bugs with the use of such a cover will help.
  5. Regular Vacuuming: By regularly vacuuming, you may avoid and get rid of any stray bed bugs that may be present. To stop the bed bugs from becoming re-loose within the house after vacuuming, be careful to empty the bag or canister into a garbage can outside.
  6. When traveling, exercise caution: Always check the room thoroughly before unpacking any clothing or things when staying in a motel, hotel, or even a dorm room when traveling. The carpet, drapes, walls, and surrounding areas are things to be mindful of. The bed should be thoroughly inspected for any indications of bed bugs’ potential presence.
  7. When you get home, wash everything you brought with you to make sure bed bugs didn’t follow you and start living in your house permanently. Washing all of your clothing, purses, bags, and backpacks as soon as you get home is strongly encouraged.
  8. Wash sheets once a week: Assuring that all of your bed linens are washed at least once a week is one of the greatest ways to prevent bed bugs. The highest and hottest temperature should be used to wash them because this will help eliminate any live bed bugs and their eggs.


Before unpacking your suitcase, check the hotel, motel, or rental property.


To avoid a bed bug infestation, suggested to prevent a bed bug infestation. You should contact the closest bed bug exterminator if you believe you already have a bed insect problem. Early intervention will save you the hassle of a later, more expensive therapy.

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