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Control of Pigeons

Pigeons are monogamous and will deposit one to two eggs, which will hatch about eighteen days after the pigeon has placed the eggs. Pigeons may only reproduce during the mating season. Pigeons will stay in the same pair bond for the rest of their lives. Pigeon milk is formed from food regurgitated by both male and female pigeons and is provided to young pigeons. Pigeons can only produce pigeon milk when pregnant or nursing. Pigeons can only produce pigeon milk when they are carrying babies. Despite the fact that mating may occur at any time of year, the spring and fall seasons are often the times when it occurs the most frequently.

To be successful, Poway Pest Control Company specialists must completely destroy the pigeon colony in the area. As a consequence, they use a variety of humanitarian exclusion techniques. Our highly competent experts make the roosting and nesting areas undesirable so that animals avoid them. Additional steps that will be advantageous include the construction of sloped resting areas, the restriction of access to voids, and the use of landing devices. All of them will be beneficial. Scare balloons, plastic birds, and plastic snakes are not suggested since, for the most part, they are ineffectual save for a short amount of time. On the other hand, their use may be restricted to a short period of time. Pigeons should be denied access to any food or drink that is left out since this is still another important preventative precaution. Pigeons are drawn to food and drink that is left out in the open. It is not permitted to feed pigeons in a business environment under any circumstances. This applies to all public areas. A professional member of the Poway Pest Control Company team will assess the infestation and provide treatment options that are customized to both your individual needs and the limits of your budget. Poway Pest Control Company also offers cleaning and restoration services for places damaged by pigeons or other species of birds. These treatments are aimed to restore the damage caused by the birds. It is suggested that a bird control maintenance program be developed and that this plan be followed once every two months or once every three months. This is done to get the best outcomes possible. Furthermore, we provide services that are just needed for the period of a certain event. If you have any queries concerning the bird control program that we provide, we would appreciate it if you could contact us as soon as possible. Please make every effort to satisfy our request.

A Few Remarks on the Way Pigeons Transport Themselves


Pigeons like grains as their major source of nourishment, and it is common for people to unintentionally offer food to pigeons by dropping food or leaving it out in open trash cans. When pigeons are hungry, they might become violent. Pigeons will ingest grains presented to them by humans if given the chance. Pigeons like to sleep in locations that are high above the ground, and if steeples are nearby, you can expect that they will nest on top of them. Pigeons are also capable of nesting in a number of other high places. Pigeons are known to raise their young in a variety of quiet locations, including holes found on the outside of buildings.


Pigeons rely on humans for food and places to roost and nest since they cannot live without these things. Pigeons, like humans, rely on people to provide them with somewhere to sleep and eat. Pigeons, like other birds, rely on people to provide them with roosting places. Agricultural areas are often situated near various forms of industrial infrastructure, such as grain elevators, feed mills, and storage facilities. They are often seen in the neighborhood of parks, buildings, bridges, and other types of structures in metropolitan settings. This is particularly true in heavily populated areas.


Pigeons are filthy birds that not only offer a health danger but may also cause property damage. Their trash is known for hastening the decay of ancient buildings and monuments, as well as increasing the likelihood of human-caused accidents. This is because it increases the number of bacteria in the environment, which results in the aforementioned effect. Cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and food poisoning are just a few of the infections that pigeons have been known to carry. Pigeon droppings have been shown to be a cause of food contamination. Pigeon droppings have been shown to contain pathogens that are harmful to humans. Furthermore, the feces left behind by these animals have the ability to promote the growth of the fungus that causes histoplasmosis. This illness has the potential to spread to people. In addition to fleas, lice, mites, and ticks, these birds may be infected with a variety of parasites. These parasites include the following: It’s possible that these birds have the parasites in concern. It is also possible for nests to get plagued with pests, such as those that dwell in preserved items, if the nest is not properly managed.


It is the obligation of property owners to make breeding and roosting areas less tempting to birds of prey and other animals. As a kind of help, we will restrict access to voids, give resting zones with slopes, and use landing-prevention technologies. It is very rare for scare balloons, plastic birds, or plastic snakes to be effective for more than a short period of time. These products are often only effective for a few seconds. Leave no food or drink out where pigeons might find it since this provides them with a possible supply of food and water. It is against the law to feed or water pigeons in a public or commercial place.

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