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02.6 - important ant control advice

Essential Ant Control Tips

When temperatures rise, and natural resources become limited, ants often scorch a route to homes. This raises the need for ant control, and Poway CA , your local pest, mosquito, and termite management – and grounds care – professional, can help.

What attracts ants to your home when they seem content crawling along sidewalks or across your patio? The remedy is simple: eat more food.

Argentine ants are California’s most abundant ant species due to their large colony sizes and aggressive foraging behavior. House, pavement, and pharaoh ants are also among the most bothersome ants in the state.

Because each ant species has a unique management strategy, it’s vital to accurately identify the ants you’re working with to treat them effectively. Your Poway Pest Control Company specialist can help you make a definitive diagnosis and then offer the best treatment.


The most effective way to keep ants out of your home is to remove the source of their attraction and the access points that let them in.

Maintain a tidy home: Clean up food crumbs, tablets, and other potential food sources ants regularly. Keep an eye on kitchen counters, dining areas, and other places where food is made or eaten. Ants have a sweet craving. Therefore, they are drawn to kitchens, pantries, cupboards, and indoor and outdoor eating spaces.

Properly store food: All food, including pet food, should be stored in hermetically sealed containers. Ants may readily access unsealed food packages; therefore, changing food to airtight containers will aid in preventing infestations.

Seal access points: Examine your house for any cracks, gaps, or holes that ants may enter. To prevent access, seal these entrance sites with caulk or weatherstripping.

Ants often make nests: in outdoor settings such as tree stumps, firewood stacks, or overgrown plants. These possible nesting locations should be removed or relocated away from your property.

Trim vegetation: Remove branches, bushes, or plants directly touching your house. Ants may use them as bridges to enter your home; therefore, avoiding communication reduces the danger of infection.

Excess moisture should be avoided: Look for and eliminate any standing water sources near your property since these might attract specific ant species. To prevent water collection, repair any leaks or plumbing concerns. Ants are drawn not just to crumbs and spills but also to the moisture provided by sinks, leaking faucets, and even inadequately caulked showers and bath enclosures.

Clean outdoor trash and recycling cans: Ensure your outdoor garbage and recycling cans are firmly sealed and cleaned regularly to avoid attracting ants.

If you believe your house has an ant issue, call California’s trusted, friendly management specialist at (619) 333-8975 or visit our website.

Poway Pest Control Company appreciates your assistance in keeping undesirable pests away from your home and yard until the next time.

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