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05.3 - methods to remove bed bugs

Exterminators: How Do They Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

You can begin to worry that you have bed bugs if you wake up in the morning and find red, itchy bites on your arms and legs. You must contact a bed bug exterminator as soon as you discover bed bugs if you want to get rid of the pesky invaders from your California home. Once you’ve explained the matter to the exterminator, they’ll just check your house to make sure bed bugs are present. This stage is crucial because if an exterminator only started treating without first checking, the effects might be different. As a result, you have returned to your starting point and are left with no other choices.

Surface Treatment & Deep Steaming

Your exterminator might employ one of the following techniques, depending on how bad the situation is. 

If the California bed bug exterminator finds that the infestation is not well-established, chemical treatments might not be necessary. To stop an infestation, he or she may merely advise washing or throwing away your bed linens.

Getting Ready the Surface and Deep Steaming

Any loose bed bugs, eggshells, shell fragments, or droppings in the folds and corners of your beds may be removed by an exterminator using a specialized high-efficiency vacuum cleaner. A filter on this particular vacuum ensures that once anything is sucked in, it cannot be removed. To make certain that everything on the surface is taken out, this vacuum is ran over the mattress, box spring, and bed frame. 

The mattress, box spring, and bed frame will be thoroughly cleaned with a steam cleaner by the exterminator after the area has been vacuumed to get rid of any lingering insects or their eggs. When there isn’t a major infestation and the homeowner has dogs or young children who might be negatively influenced by some chemicals within the home, this procedure is used. 


To get rid of bed bugs and their eggs, an exterminator may use a pesticide that can be sprayed directly into the bed. Because it could hurt them, this technique should not be utilized in households with dogs, young children, or elderly family members. The exterminator can spray pesticide all over the bed, box spring, and bed frame, much like he did with the vacuum and steam cleaner, if you don’t have pets, young children, or elderly family members. 


You shouldn’t be alarmed by the word “insecticide.” Science has advanced considerably. Insecticides are now frequently used by exterminators in place of the “bug bomb” methods you see on television. These techniques are used to treat the bed as well as any cracks where bed bugs might try to enter. Bugs won’t be able to survive in these locations thanks to this treatment. 

Heat Therapy

Extreme heat makes it impossible for bed bugs to remain alive. Exterminators apply heat treatment to the insects to kill them in more severe or large-scale infestations. Because it will get quite warm during this process, the room is turned off and any heat-sensitive goods are taken out. Bed bugs and any eggs they may have laid will perish in the high heat. Similar to the steam method, this procedure is risk-free for homes with pets, young children, and senior family members. 

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