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04 - remove wasps from home

How To Safely Remove Wasps From Your Poway Property

People who live in Poway are always in danger from wasps. There are about 1,000 different types of wasps that live in groups. Wasps live in large families, which is the most important thing to know about them. Wasps are always looking for a safe place to build their nests; once they do, they can be a big problem for houses. As a group, wasps are very protective of their homes and will swarm and sting many times to protect them. Wasp control is important if you want your home to be safe and fun.

If wasps have moved into your Poway home and are making you and your family feel dangerous, Poway Pest Control can help with Poway pest control. Talk to us now. Wasps are no problem for us.

How To Identify Common Types Of Wasps

Wasps are dangerous in Poway, and You don’t want anything wrong to happen with them. Here are some popular types of wasps and how to tell them apart:

Yellow jackets: live in nests that are closed off, and there can be many of them.

Paper wasps: Usually live in ‘open face’ nests with no more than a hundred wasps.

Mud dauber: Build mud tubes on the side of houses to lay their eggs.

Mud wasps will only sting if they feel threatened, but paper and yellow jackets protect their nests and will sting in swarm attacks. If wasps are a problem on your home, call us immediately. We know how to get rid of everything. 

wasps in Poway.

The Potential Dangers Of A Wasp Infestation In Your Yard

Most people think that wasps are helpful. They are great for getting rid of pests, and they help keep the number of pest bugs down. Wasps usually stay away from people in the wild. They only get close to people when they come near their nests. Wasps are much more likely to bother you when they are close to your home. Yellow jackets are especially dangerous because they often make their homes underground and can react strongly when the ground moves. Children, pets, and other family members can anger birds by going near nests they can’t see.

If you find a lot of wasps in your home, stinging insect control in Poway we know how to eliminate wasps and keep them away from Poway homes and businesses. 

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of A Wasp Infestation In Your Yard

Trying to get rid of a wasp problem can be dangerous. Trying to eliminate wasps can make them act aggressively, leading to stings; instead of trying to figure out how wasps are on your own, getting help from trained pros is best. Professionals know the easiest and most effective ways to deal with wasp populations and the best ways to keep them from coming back.

Tips To Prevent Future Wasp Problems

Since wasp outbreaks can be dangerous, here are several methods to reduce the likelihood that they will happen on your property:

Minimize nesting opportunities: Yellow jackets and paper wasps will easily build their nests in junk piles, trash, or outside storage.

Inspect often: Wasps are at their most violent when they finish building their nests and when they are taking care of their young. When they are caught early, they are easier to treat.

Treat for pests: Wasps eat meat and look for other insects to eat. If you eliminate other bugs, wasps are less likely to remain in your backyard.

Eliminate outside garbage: Some wasps, like trash, will gather around trash left in the open. Getting rid of trash gets rid of a major place where wasps like to hang out.

Lastly, hire a professional pest control service to keep your yard as free of wasps as possible and eliminate the risk of being stung. Poway Pest Control is the best way to eliminate pests you don’t want. Contact us today for a free quotation and learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Poway

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