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​​How to Spot a Household Centipede Infestation

​​How to Spot a Household Centipede Infestation

What Are the Centipedes in the House?

House centipedes, also known as Scutigera coleoptrata, are nocturnal insects that are widespread throughout the United States. They have long, worm-like bodies. With varied quantities of black patterns, they can range in color from light to dark brown. These bugs can range in length from 1 inch to 112 inches and have 5 to 15 pairs of legs, depending on the species. Centipedes flourish in moist areas like bathrooms, closets, and basements. They will only leave their den when they are starving.

Can centipedes in homes bite? 

Centipedes inject their poison into the insects they bite when feeding, but people shouldn’t be concerned. However, they might bite if they feel threatened. 

Biting in the Dark

Centipedes can be hiding in the outside, external walls, or foundation cracks of your home. Even though they are little, evening animals are famously hard to see when they are lurking in the darkness. However, you probably have home centipedes if you wake up at night with the sensation of small critters biting or creeping on you. Despite the fact that they do not bite humans, they are nevertheless harmful. Therefore, bites may be caused by insects.

Little Centipedes

House centipedes start multiplying and depositing eggs as soon as they get inside. When the young centipedes are big enough to travel around, they will hatch from these eggs and infiltrate your home. Newborns resemble their parents physically.

What exactly draws centipedes indoors?

An infestation of home centipedes can be recognized by a number of warning signs. The following are some causes of centipede infestations in homes:

There are more pests within your house.

Numerous pests have the ability to bring centipedes inside. You should be ready to take action if you spot any insects in your home because these creatures eat insects. Cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, and other insects are among the pests that are preyed upon by house centipedes. As a result, getting rid of the pests also means getting rid of their food source. If you want to quickly stop a centipede invasion, this is essential.

They must go indoors because of the cold. 

House centipedes seek shelter indoors during the cooler months, like many other pests do. 

How do centipedes enter structures? 

Through gaps and fissures in the foundation, centipedes can readily get inside your house. Once inside, they take a seat in a damp, dim nook. They reside in crevices like those in sinks, bathtubs, and the foundation.

How to Solve a Centipede Problem

If you find a centipede infestation in your house, do the following actions to eradicate it permanently:

Apply straps with adhesive. Sticky straps can be used for a variety of purposes, such as the identification of some pests and the elimination of others, such house centipedes. Sticky bands are available from any nearby retailer.

It is advised to apply insecticides. If there are many pests in the house, insecticides should be employed. Some of the compounds are so toxic that they render the animal immobile, which causes nervous system damage and eventual death.

Do not allow water to harm the home. The others will cease coming, and some of them will perish from a lack of water. Dehumidifiers are yet another instrument for removing moisture from homes.

Any gaps you detect should be filled. These pests might get inside your house through structural gaps.  Eliminate the areas next to the windows and entrances. Use a window screen to conceal the basement’s contents.

Consult with Pest Management Specialists

Like other insects, house centipedes are a pain in the neck. Their presence can indicate an ongoing infestation because they feed on other insects. The best time to hire a pest control firm is right now for Californians. If you call Poway Pest Control, they are available around-the-clock and provide a satisfaction guarantee. 

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