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Silverfish in Poway, California

Silverfish in Poway, California

A silverfish is not often thought of when pests are mentioned. Yet, they are among the intruders in more persistent homes. This thorough introduction to this general nuisance invading our California homes will cover everything from recognizing these unpleasant visitors to getting rid of silverfish, among many other topics.

What Are Silverfish? 

Silverfish are tiny silver bugs with wiggling bodies. They are not dangerous, despite their appearance. Both the damage they do and the diseases they do not spread are restricted.They are well-known for contaminating food and chewing holes in clothing and drapery, but they are also well-known for inflicting personal property damage.

What Do Silverfish Look Like?

Silverfish can only be seen to be present. They often display the following traits:

Silver to black bodies, about 3/4 inch long.

There are two head antennas and three tail protrusions.

Carrot-shaped bodies that are long and flat.

Where do Silverfish Come From?

Silverfish exist in the Americas, Africa, Eurasia, and Australia, among other areas. They may live in the regions above since they are naturally prevalent everywhere. They need between 75% and 95% humidity and love moist conditions Poway, with an average relative humidity of more than 80%, is a popular site for silverfish. Silverfish are relatively common in toilets.

Silverfish Activity

Silverfish hide from humans because they are quite bashful. If they are found, they will quickly wiggle to another concealed spot. They often congregate in homes’ bathrooms, basements, and other high-humidity areas. Silverfish cannot fly because they lack wings and can move fast and wriggle like fish. Since their jaws are weak, they must scrape food particles off.

Firebrat vs. Silverfish

Although silverfish and firebrats share many similarities, there are a few significant distinctions. They are as follows:

  • Silverfish, unlike firebrats, frequently have a single color on their backs.
  • Silverfish antennas may outgrow their bodies, while firebrats seldom do.
  • Firebrats rarely live beyond the age of two, whereas silverfish may live for up to three years.

Do Silverfish Bite?

Silverfish can bite, yet their jaws are so weak that they are entirely harmless. They are also cautious creatures, preferring to escape and hide from larger predators. A silverfish bite is not a cause for alarm.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Silverfish are tough to eradicate due to their perseverance as a pest. As a homeowner, you may keep dry food locked up and away from them and caulk wall cracks. But the easiest method to eliminate them is to call a competent pest control firm.

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