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What Should I Do About Swallows Around My Poway Home?

What Should I Do About Swallows Around My Poway Home?

Considering that swallows have traditionally been a symbol of seafarers, why are they in your home? If you live in Poway and you have birds, you might not know how to handle the situation. It needn’t be that way though if you know what to do.

You should research Poway animal control before the birds take over. Swallows can be a challenging bird to get rid of when it comes to pest control, but with the right information and people on your side, it can be a straightforward process. Continue reading to find out more about the many bird control services our Poway professionals at Poway Pest Control can provide you.

What Do Swallows Look Like in Poway?

If little birds are so similar, why wouldn’t they all look the same to you? You mostly observe them from a distance after they decide to live in your home. Little songbirds called swallows are frequently misidentified at night as bats. The following characteristics can be used to recognize these birds:

  • Size range: 4 to 8 inches
  • The wingspan can reach 13 inches.
  • Other colors include red, blue, black, brown, and gray.
  • short, pointed beaks
  • Particularly forked-looking tail

Prior to looking for Poway bird animal control services, it can be helpful to identify the type of bird that is currently residing in your home. If swallows have been found nearby by you or a professional, common bird control methods might not be an option.

Exactly why do swallows fly close to my Poway house?

Swallows could potentially be considered a pest both inside and outside of your property due to the manner they nest. After migrating, they build a mud-type nest and always come back, frequently bringing more swallows. The following locations around your home are popular for swallow nesting:

  • a patio, 
  • a porch, 
  • a barn, 
  • a tool shed, 
  • and a barn door

Watch out for any darkened areas on your property. You cannot use a do-it-yourself approach to bird control once swallows have started to nest. On the other hand, if you are aware of the areas where they frequently settle, you may keep a close eye out for them. Because it occasionally poses a risk to your health, it is advised against handling pest control and bird removal on your own.

Will Swallows Reappear At My Poway Home?

Did you know that swallows are protected by migratory law once their breeding season is over? Once their nests are constructed, they leave and embark on a worldwide journey. But these birds have a GPS system inside of them that always points them in the direction of their nest. An occupied nest cannot always be removed by a bird control company during certain seasons of the year.

However, there are still practical options for domestic bird management. You can take action before the birds return once they take to the air. Once they’ve made their home, these birds might get a free place to live, but we can make sure that it all ends here. The space can be properly cleaned by a trained crew to get rid of any feces and unpleasant objects that might have been utilized as nesting material. Give us a call if you have any more questions regarding the different bird control methods we use.

How Can Swallows Be Removed From Around My Poway Home?

If you require total bird control, contact Poway Pest Control. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is on hand to assist you with this problem, and we regularly customize our residential pest control services to match your unique needs. You can count on Poway Pest Control to always go above and beyond to earn your happiness.

We can offer first-rate domestic bird control services to get rid of birds in your home and keep them away in the future. Even if once they nest, swallows are covered by migratory legislation, just give us a call. Poway Pest Control’s professionals can clean up the mess and make sure they won’t come back once they’ve “flown the coop,” so to speak.

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